About Page One Result

So who are we and why did we create Page One Result?

Page One Result is the brainchild of Cyber Sushi Design Limited, we are a web design and internet marketing agency. Time and time again we would hear frustrated clients stating two things.

  1. They were unable to get their website found on page one of Google
  2. If they managed to reach page 1 of Google, they were spending lots of money to be there with poor results

That is how we came to create a simple and clear, fixed cost solution to this problem. Page One Result offers a solution that means no more second guessing the phrases that will get you the greatest level of traffic to your website. We work with your key phrases and will recommend small alterations that have higher level traffic to ensure you get more clicks through to your site.

The service we offer our clients has been so popular we, at Cyber Sushi Design, decided to launch a dedicated site to offer our page one result service regardless of whether you had your site built by us, yourself or another web design company.

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